Adopt the “Customer Centric” approach.

Published on April 02, 2020  - Updated on April 28, 2021

Placing the customer at the center of your strategy and your concerns is essential. New technologies make it possible to take the "Customer Centric" approach a step further.

1) What is the "Customer Centric" approach?

Putting the customer first is nothing new in itself. However, as new technologies emerge, digital tools allow you to analyze your customer data more and more through the web. The possibilities are multiplying for companies to personalize their customer relationships.

Adopting a "customer centric" approach means adopting a strategy where you put the customer at the center of your concerns. Each of your decisions will be systematically taken according to their impact on the customer. It is a true corporate culture that then takes precedence over all your interactions.

2) What advantages come with this strategy?

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What is the added value of this approach? "Customer Centric" is profitable. Understanding what the customer wants and needs, will give you a better idea of growth opportunities. Indeed, the best source of information will always be your customers! Instead of justifying yourself if your customers are not satisfied with your services, you can adopt another approach which consists of surveying dissatisfied customers and finding possible areas for improvement!

By meeting their expectations more precisely following a regular work of listening and understanding with your customers, you will greatly increase your customer satisfaction. You will be more inclined to retain your customers, who can eventually later, become regular consumers.

Making decisions with the sole intention of your customers will allow you to boost your incomes! Your financial prospects will be automatically revitalized if you are more in tune with it because you are more likely to sell your product or service to your customers if you satisfy them more accurately.

Understanding the feelings of your customers, allow you to personalize your customer experience more adequately. In fact, by satisfying the expectations expressed, you will build, over the long term, a much more solid customer relationship. Ultimately, you will then be able to note an increase in customer loyalty.

How do you implement this approach?


Being customer-centric can be challenging for new companies who wish to embark on this approach. Indeed, choosing this culture can take time, and a lot of testing to make it really work. Making all your business decisions based on the impact on the customer, will require you to increase your knowledge of the customer.

Use case example: the Q°emotion solution gives you a good basis to start this strategy. Analyze and understand the opinions of your customers on the internet, or your own verbatim surveys, in order to better segment the different emotions your customers feel.

Data analysis is essential for the customer centric approach. By effectively exploiting the traces that your customers leave on the web about you, you will be able to predict the best decision to take, in case of negative opinions.


In the long term, adopting this strategy to put the customer at the center of your priorities, will bring much more, than a more traditional approach can provide. You would consolidate the reputation of your business as well as your customer relationship with other significant advantages allow you to go further.

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