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How to Shape Your Company’s Brand Energy and Brand Experience?

November 26, 2019

Générer de la brand energy par l'expérience du client avec la marque est un concept central de l'approche centrée sur le client d'aujourd'hui. Découvrez comment générer de la brand energy et augmenter votre brand experience !

What is "brand experience" ?

With the increasing competition in the market, it is important for business owners to distinguish themselves from the crowds. It is no longer satisfactory to simply provide a product or service; companies need to provide an experience. In fact, 90% of marketing professionals agree on the increasing importance of shaping a brand experience (Freeman). However, this is easier said than done, leaving many wondering, “How, exactly, might I d-o that?” Well, to answer that question, you must first understand what a brand experience is, and more so, your company’s brand energy.

The Difference between a Brand and a Company

It is important to distinguish between a brand and a company, and in fact, the most successful companies are the ones that do. A brand can be defined as the sum of all interactions that customers have with a company, and these interactions establish an emotional identity that exists outside of the product or service supplied. In other words, the brand is bigger than the company itself. For example, Nike is not just a shoe company, but a brand symbolizing determination, hence its iconic slogan, “Just do it”.

Brand Energy

Accordingly, brand energy is the brand’s essence, where the company derives its value. This energy should unite everyone in the company around a common cause. Beyond making money, what does a company aim to do? This energy should influence a company’s decisions, and not just those of the marketing department, but of every single employee. A company’s brand energy is what motivates and inspires its customers and can distinguish it from competitors.

Profit vs. Value

What is your company’s ultimate goal? Is it making profits, or creating value? Having a defined brand energy makes answering this question a lot easier. A change in perspective, one more focused on creating something of value to the consumer, will actually result in economic success. The late Sir Brian Pitman, former chairman of the bank Lloyds TSB, once said: “We used to consider ourselves a bank. Then we considered ourselves providers of services. Now we see ourselves as creators of value” (Market Research World). By establishing a true brand, a company’s value can extend beyond its enterprise value. So, the question is: How can you put your brand energy in practice?

Brand Experience

A brand experience is every interaction a customer has not just with the company, but with the brand and its values. It takes into account every level on which customers engage with a company, and is thus not limited to any single interaction; rather, it is a more immersive, complete experience. In considering the brand experience you want to provide, think back on the most memorable brand experiences you have had. What made them so memorable? How did you feel in response? What were the experiences’ long-term impact on you? At its core, however, the the key to creating a successful brand experience is, of course, having a defined brand energy.

Defining your Brand Energy

In defining your brand energy, ask yourself what higher meaning your company seeks, and moreover, how effectively it does so. A brand energy should be bigger than the company itself; it should define how your company operates on every level. All-in-all, your brand energy is based on how you aim to serve your customers, so consequently, it is important to know them.

What are your customers saying? Instead of always speaking at your customers, listening and speaking with your customers are a great start to putting yourself in the customers’ shoes, enabling you to create the experiences they want. Consider, if you were a customer, what do you want to feel, remember? What is memorable and important? What are your problems, your dreams and aspirations? Trying to answer these questions will help you establish an emotional connection to your customers. If you can discover what is important to them and engage that feeling, you can create a more successful brand experience. Instead of thinking solely about profit, think about creating value for customers, giving your brand significance.

With a more defined brand energy, you are on your way to creating a successful brand experience. Although every company’s brand experience can (and should) be different, here are some ideas to get you started:

How to Create a Brand Experience

1. Provide an emotional experience

Despite the tendency to turn toward automated systems and routine and efficient transactions, customers are still humans with real and complex emotions, so it is important to be empathetic in every interaction. Try to build relationships with your customers because understanding their feelings, their passions, helps you connect on an emotional level. So, allow yourself as many opportunities as possible to interact with your customers. Moreover, your customers should not only like the product, but be inspired by the essence of the brand and enjoy their entire brand experience: discovering the product, purchasing it, using it, and everything in between. Position your company around relationships with your customers, not profits.

2. Engage your community

Engaging your community will allow you to better connect with your customers, so live life alongside them. Celebrate holidays, life milestones, cry with them, laugh with them. Show customers that the people are your company are human too.

3. Empower and engage your employees

Every time a customer interacts with an employee is a touchpoint, a part of their brand experience, so it is important that your employees convey your brand energy. Make sure your employees believe in not just your company, but your brand, so they can all work toward creating a memorable brand experience for the customer.

4. Create fluent and captivating content

A brand experience should be consistent not just in-store, but online as well. Your company website, social media accounts, and any other means of connection should provide one, consistent message and have the same brand energy.

Moreover, give your customers exciting ways to interact with your company outside of simply making purchases. Involving your customers will further connect them to your company, in turn giving them more ownership and pride, so provide them with opportunities to ask questions, share comments, or even post to a communal blog.

Videos are also a valuable means of creating captivating content and giving your company personality. Make sure to include a call-to-action, and show your brand energy in these videos. Keep your company relevant in the minds of customers.

With advertising, know your audience, and know your brand! Advertising is only successful if in line with the brand’s values and successfully targeted toward your audience. Consider how your brand creates value, and show one image, one energy. With that in mind, if your company does not derive its value properly, then its advertising will in turn be unsuccessful as well. Associate your company with spokespeople and representatives who not only like your product or service, but your brand energy. As a result, you can send a more consistent message to the public and create a more complete brand experience.

5. Find creative marketing methods

Lastly, consider more creative ways to interact with existing customers, and reach new ones. You might host events for your own customers, customers of your industry, or even those interested in your field. These events can be festive, such as parties or holiday celebrations; informative, such as conferences you could lead or taking part in a trade show. Each offers a unique means of connecting with others and building your brand’s exposure, essential to creating a fully developed brand experience. In fact, 84% of company heads agree that events like these are vitally important to the success of their companies (Freeman).

Moreover, you might provide more promotions or incentives to retain existing customers and attract new ones. Just think about Costco, a major international retailer. Its free food and beverage samples have caused up to a 2,000% increase in sales (Supermarket News).

Benefits from your brand energy

Although trying to boil down your company’s objectives into a clear brand energy may seem daunting, the benefits are worth it. With a defined brand energy, you can give your customers a gratifying brand experience that ensures not only their future business, but that of potential customers too. In an increasingly competitive market, having a defined brand energy and experience are ways to stand out, so why not gain that extra edge?

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